Dating services for hepatitis c

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Dating services for hepatitis c - number of men vs women using online dating sites

I just don’t feel that it’s okay to share these things.’Getting infected with hepatitis C is a very personal matter.Today, the most common way of transmission is believed to be intravenous drug use.

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’ I know that she meant well, but it was still very disturbing.

Instead, show you friend or loved one that you are eager to learn more about this health condition, because you truly care.

Say, ‘I don’t know enough about hep C, but I’d like to learn more. ’And of course, if anyone at all ever offers to share nail clippers, a razor, a toothbrush or a needle with you, just say: ‘Thanks, but I’m so picky when it comes to hygiene!

It’s a common misunderstanding to believe that people with hepatitis C can’t be in a normal relationship.

Strictly speaking, hepatitis C is a blood borne disease, not an STD.

Careful though, it only means that nowadays we are finally able to take all the measures to prevent other ways of transmission! Hepatitis C is the most common blood-borne virus in the United States, with more than 3 million people infected.

Just think about it, if only intravenous drug users were concerned, that would have been an alarming number, wouldn’t it?

The studies show that there is no need for condom use in a stable monogamous relationship where one of the partners is hep C positive.

Of course, if it comes to spontaneous intercourse with a random partner or to a particularly damaging sexual practices, the use of condoms is highly recommended, regardless if the partner has hepatitis C or not.

Saying that they look fine is almost like saying that their condition isn’t worth mentioning; it is rude and uncaring, to say the least. Now if you want to show some genuine support, ask how he or she is feeling. ’Hepatitis C can’t be transmitted through casual contact like sharing spoons, shaking hands or sneezing.

‘I heard that oftentimes hepatitis C doesn’t have symptoms. The virus is only transmitted through exposure to infected person’s blood, so transmission between friends or relatives is really rare.

I didn’t get it from my father – but you might argue that I didn’t grow up in the same house with him.