Updating nokia n810

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It has Wi-Fi, and you can use a Bluetooth-enabled phone as a wireless modem, but I know for some people this is a significant drawback.It isn’t to me, as I’m OK with a two-piece solution.

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For the truly restless, a built-in GPS receiver and maps nix the need to pack a nav system in the old gear bag.This is a far more polished and consumer-friendly version, thanks to all those nerds and their suggestions.The reengineered tablet kept its predecessors' 4.1-inch, 800 x 480 pixel touchscreen but picked up a full slide-out keyboard.But Linux n00bs were largely unable to take full advantage of the gizmo's capabilities.More than two years and a couple of product generations later, it's not just the hacker crowd that's psyched about the Nokia N810.In addition, out of the box it lacks many of the features a lot of you are accustomed to in a handheld.

It doesn’t come with a calendar, for example, and the N810’s address book is there to let you send people email or instant messages. Also, despite being made by Nokia, this isn’t a smartphone.It’s not huge, though: 5-inches wide, 2.8-inches high, and 0.55-inches thick. If you want a comparison, it’s fairly close to the size of the Palm TX. Keyboard and Buttons The N810 may be about the size of a Palm TX, but it includes something the TX doesn’t: a keyboard.Because of its generous size this is one of the easiest portable keyboards I’ve typed on.I have a very small smartphone that goes with me everywhere, but because it has such a small screen it’s a bit limited.The Internet Tablet goes with me when I want more functionality and a bit of extra bulk doesn’t matter.When Nokia introduced its first Internet tablet, all geekdom rejoiced at the prospect of an open source palmtop — complete with VGA camera — dedicated to hopping on a wireless connection and surfing the Web.