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There were four kids and 4 to 10 dogs, depending on who had had puppies. For a while there was Sarah, a nurse, to whom Elizabeth gave a sable coat in a moment of feeling sorry for her having given up her personal life to fly around the world for a year carrying Elizabeth’s pill bag.It was the 60s and Doctor Feelgoods gave her wake-up pills for jet lag, go-to-sleep pills, pain pills, act-outraged pills (for intense parts), and pills to sleep off hangovers to be mixed with Bull Marys. Generally, we were companions to gossip and play Scrabble or do crossword puzzles with to fill up the hours between scenes in the dressing rooms and the long nights in strange hotels. Her definition of celebrity included royalty, world leaders, writers, artists and musicians, and the occasional Greek billionaire.

Mayer, the head of MGM, and traveled with his partner, John Lee.Occasionally he would chuckle, especially if the stories concerned English royalty.I was able to add bits about models and musicians, and I had to keep up with the latest about her two favorite male actors, the twin sexpots Marlon Brando (who I assume slept with Elizabeth, Marilyn, and everyone else) and Warren Beatty (who tried), both of whom she demanded as her leading men if Richard did not suit the part. Stars of the 30s, 40s, and 50s were “studio owned” and lucky to get their favorite hairdresser for a film. At 16 she was already the most photographed movie star in the world.Since her blackened eyebrows were a good two inches above her eyes, the glare was so intense it went right through you and the gaze could shock you silly.I saw many a nervous producer go faint when he told Elizabeth she had taken too long for lunch, and she snapped open her eyes and said, “I what?! Ron and I lived with her and Richard for the good part of 10 years and rented apartments nearby for another 10. At times there were 12 of us all flying around together.I think she was relieved when Jackie Kennedy came along and they could share the spotlight and Ron Galella.

At night, however, when Elizabeth went out to make an appearance, it was always in a major gown and Richard in a tux.

In those days there were only a few movie magazines.

It was Elizabeth and Jackie Kennedy who aroused the public’s interest in off-screen celebrity lifestyles.

That was the energy she emitted when she walked into a room. Ron, who did Marilyn Monroe’s makeup in her later years, said Marilyn was just the opposite: Toward the end of her life when Marilyn came around, people ran.

She was so desperately unhappy that her gloom was contagious.

Jim Benton, Burton’s secretary, and George Davis, Benton’s partner, were frequent fliers.

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