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To unlock these bonuses, the player must find a blue marker to turn in their points; however, before doing so, the player must answer a multiple choice question.In Karakura Heroes, the player is put into a humorous side-story, with some extra anime scenes added.

At the mode's completion, a scene shows the gang relaxing at an expensive hotel, doing activities that in some way fit their personalities and/or abilities (for example, Hitsugaya snowboarding).

Most techniques are not executed in real time, and instead have an accompanying cinematic that takes place.

Furthermore, some characters can transform into certain alternative forms mid-battle, albeit until their spirit gauge is fully drained or the player cancels the transformation.

One thing critics seemed to like were the authentic voice-overs during both gameplay and conversation sequences. by Uverworld, and the music was composed by Kazuo Hanzawa, under the alias "NON", and Hitoshi Sakimoto.

Continuing where Heat the Soul left off, the story mode of Heat the Soul 2 ranges from the Soul Society: The Sneak Entry arc to the end of the Soul Society: The Rescue arc and features 12 playable characters.

The theme song for the game is *: Asterisk by Orange Range, which also happens to be the original opening theme for the anime.

The game has a total of six characters, all of which derived from the Agent of the Shinigami arc.As of Heat the Soul 3, the player may select partner characters to help aid them in battle.Each partner character has different abilities based on their skills from the series.Bleach: Heat the Soul 3 The game features 34 characters, covering events from the Soul Society: The Sneak Entry arc to Ulquiorra Schiffer's introduction at the beginning of The Arrancar arc.Unique to Heat the Soul 3 are "Soul Road" and "Karakura Heroes." In Soul Road, the player is to select the desired character and partner character.For instance, Ichigo Kurosaki's use of his Black Getsuga Tensho (though only while using Ichigo's bankai form) and Rukia Kuchiki's utilization of kidō.