Updating garmin c550

05-Jan-2020 07:41 by 3 Comments

Updating garmin c550 - updating firmware k700i

Occasionally, road layouts change, so eventually you'll need to download new maps from Garmin to ensure that yours are up to date.

The main folder structure of my c550 (in my case it mounted as drive I:) has two folders in it: The Garmin folder has a bunch of files and subfolders in it containing what I can only assume to be the Garmin OS and maps, while the MP3 folder contains (drumroll) some MP3’s.

Additionally with more than one map you can simply spell the country you want to find an address in using the Where To main menu.

So, I copied the backed up CN North American Map file (GMAPPROM.

Now due to the map files size (~1.7GB), I decided to try using an SDHC 4GB card I had purchased a while back as a Ready Boost drive for Windows VISTA.

So I formatted the card with FAT32 file system, created a Garmin folder and copied the GMAPSUPP. Voila, my Garmin now loads the CN European Map file from the 4GB SDHC card and I’ve got 2.2GB of space for another map file in the future, Awesome!

But somehow instructions on how to do this differ greatly online and the Garmin website seemed to have some major issues the day I was trying all of this out.

Some sites suggested I needed some Map Source software while others said I needed the Garmin Map Updater…long story short, after some playing around, here is what I found: First off, after hooking my garmin up to my comptuer via USB I discovered that it mounts just like a regular 2GB flash drive in Windows.Maps are downloaded from the site and then installed on your GPS using Mapsource or Basecamp. A "City Navigator North America NT 2013.40" is 1.83GB. I had to delete all the voices I didn't use to make room, but my c580 map is now updated. As for my c340, there doesn't seem to be any reliable information on how to install a map in the internal memory.So I have 2013.40 installed on the external memory card.After inserting the European Maps SD card I had purchased into the Garmins SD slot I saw another drive pop up (in my case it mounted as H:). On the main device the map file has a different name indicating that it is the default map, GMAPPROM. So here is the map file naming convention for the Garmin c550: Fist thing I did was back up all of the map files to my computer (just in case I loose my SD card). Now I had the European map file on my GPS as the default map. IMG will presumably work as your default map file in the Garmin.It has the following structure: On the SD card the there was only a single file called GMAPSUPP. After doing some searching using Google this is the name used for any supplemental maps on a Garmin GPS. Then, to make the European map file the default I renamed the GMAPSUPP. Booting up my GPS and going to Settings-Map Info revealed that indeed now the CN Europe NT Map was now my default map.NOTE: Later I read online that it actually doesn’t matter which file is the default.