Is nexium sedating

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Is nexium sedating

Your pharmacist can also tell you and suggest what alternatives you might have if you can't afford the prescription.Don't hesitate to call your doctor and ask for a more affordable drug.

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According to the FDA, five out of six people age 65 years and older are taking at least one medication, and close to 50 percent of all seniors take three or more medications.

Medicare is the national health insurance program for people 65 years of age and older or with certain disabilities.

Popular but low cost drug classes that are now stocked at the pharmacy include cholesterol-lowering statins, heartburn medications, non-sedating antihistamines, and even many types of 2 diabetes drugs like metformin. For example, research your "tier copay" on your insurance website or give them a call and ask about tiers on your plan.

Copay tiers for prescription drugs can vary widely.

If not, you may be paying for a very expensive medication after the sample runs out.

You don't want to have to pay for an expensive brand name drug if an equally effective generic is available.

Look for pharmacies that offer low-cost generic drugs – many retail pharmacies have a generic list of drugs on their website with costs as low as .00 for a 1-month supply or for a 3-month supply.

Some retail grocery store chains even offer certain free generic antibiotics.

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You might join the Medicare Support Group to ask questions, share opinions, and stay up with the latest news. Compare pharmacy prices for prescription drugs if you pay the full cash price instead of a copay – prices between pharmacies can vary based on locations and volume of prescriptions.