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Updating your psp - readhead dating

In late 2007, the PSP was upgraded with a new hardware variation known by the model number PSP-2000.On August 20, 2008, at the Leipzig Games Convention, Sony announced a new revision of the PSP, the PSP-3000.

This portability is achieved using a slide-out form factor, a smaller screen (3.8 inch screen as opposed to the 4.3 inches on all other models), and the removal of the UMD drive, limiting the system to digitally downloaded games only.

The device proved unpopular with many gamers for various reasons, most notably the fact that PSP game discs could not be played on the PSPgo.

Even if you own a game on disc, in order to play it you would have to repurchase and download the game from PSN, often at a marked up price.

Announced at Gamescom 2011, the PSP-E1000 is a budget-priced PSP available only in PAL territories.

Reversing course from the PSPgo, the PSP-E1000 includes a UMD drive, but does not include any network capabilities whatsoever.

Slightly larger and heavier than the PSP-3000, the PSP-E1000 has a charcoal black plastic matte body similar to the slim PS3 redesign.

The layout is fairly similar to the original PSP, however it moves the system buttons to a single row below the screen which is flush with the case itself.The Slim's battery was manufactured to supply the same amount of playtime as the Phat battery while attaining a smaller form factor.The WLAN switch was relocated to the top of the device, and the UMD drive now required the user to open it manually, as opposed to the spring-loaded version in the PSP-1000 that was activated using a switch. Sony officially announced the PSP-3000 at the 2008 Leipzig Games Convention.Another hamper to the system was a divided perspective of the handheld market.During its first few years, the PSP would often get ports or sequels of console games that many felt were ill-suited for the portable market.By 2006 and continuing into 2007, several of these PSP titles were ported to Playstation 2.

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