Dating a letter of resignation

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Dating a letter of resignation - Taboo webcams

It's the main story in The Times, front page of The Sun, The i and so on.'And at this point given that Carrie is here... And given that you are sitting next to me in the studio, perhaps listeners will expect me to do a really tough interview with you about that bombshell letter.Miss Gracie interrupted: 'What's happening next John? 'But the BBC has rules on impartiality which means that presenters can't suddenly turn into interviewees on the programmes they are presenting.' Miss Gracie replied: 'Well, that's a relief.'Mr Humphrys continued: 'Maybe, but you are going to be doing an interview here on Woman's Hour on Radio 4. Two things have really struck me and moved me most is the scale of the feeling, not just among BBC women but also across the country and internationally - the support that I've had.

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She said: 'What I can tell you is that I no longer trust my bosses to give me an accurate answer.She revealed she turned down a £45,000 pay rise from her BBC bosses, insisting 'its not about more money - it's about equality'. Michelle Stanistreet, general secretary of the National Union of Journalists (NUJ), said it was 'determined to hold the BBC to account'.In her interview on Channel 4 she said: 'I don't want more money. Theresa May's official spokesman said the Prime Minister 'has been very clear that tackling injustices like the gender pay gap is part of her determination to build a country that works for everyone'.This morning on Radio 4, she thanked her supporters but said she doesn't want to be known as 'the woman who complained about money'.While reading finishing the news bulletin co-host Mr Humphrys, who earns £650,000 per year, said: 'And the big story in all the papers pretty much, the resignation of somebody called Carrie Gracie as the BBC's China editor.This afternoon it emerged that BBC staff have been told that anyone who has indicated support for Miss Gracie, or tweeted their opinions about BBC pay, can no longer present or carry out interviews in any segments on BBC pay - due to the Corporation's editorial guidelines on impartiality.

She guest presented Radio 4's Today show this morning and was asked about her decision to quit by co-host John Humphrys, who earns £650,000 a year.

Awkward.'And David Child said: 'John Humphrys reading out the story of Carrie Gracie in the papers while Carrie Gracie sits next to her is the most BBC meta thing ever.

#r4today' What she was allowed to speak about was the reaction to her decision and Miss Gracie today said she was 'moved' by the support she has received.

Due to her responsibilities as a guest presenter she was unable to speak freely about it, despite her story being featured as a segment on the programme - which included a live interview with fellow journalist Mariella Frostrup on the subject.

And listeners took to Twitter to brand the whole situation as a 'peak BBC' moment.

She also revealed that she has left her position in China and will instead return to her role in the BBC News Channel newsroom in the UK where she said she 'expect[s] to be paid equally'.