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A partnership with corporate sponsor Textango meant that My Space Records provided fans with a free download of the album during a two-week period, in exchange for adding the sponsor as a friend on My My Space allows you to sign up and create a profile for yourself so your friends can find you online and so you have a starting place for your online presence.


The president was My Space co-founder Tom Anderson, until he left the company in 2009. In March 2008 My Space Records released Pennywise's ninth album, Reason to Believe.The next page will ask a lot of personal questions like who your hero is and what kind of music do you like.Answer only what you are comfortable having other people read about you.Our new Music Player will allow you to: We added the Radio Mode to the Myspace Music Player to make your music experience on Myspace even better.With millions of songs available, you can now just lean back and listen to music without having to keep adding additional songs to your playlist, if you don't choose to.Bands can't use the My Space profile editor; search and you will find a million pages that will help you change your profile.

Here are some of our favourites: Create the code at: on the type of banner you want to create, then work through the tabs to stylise your banner.

If you want to add a photo of yourself to your profile click on the "Browse" button, find your photo on your computer and click the "Upload" button.

If you don't want to add a photo to your My Space account click the link underneath that says "Skip for now." You can always add your photo later if you want to.

First things first - you need to upload some songs!

You can add up to 6 tracks to your My Space profile. Include a picture, information about the track, make it available for download & for people to add to their profile.

We want to create the best music experience for you on My Space.