Hpv warts dating

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Hpv warts dating - american women webcam

This has only surfaced twice in my lifetime in a 1yr time period, and I am in a monogamous, healthy relationship of 4 1/2 years. My third question is this: If for some miraculous reason my immune system DOES rid my body of the virus, my significant other has it also.What types of warts show up one day and disappear the next? Are we going to ping-pong it back and fourth to eachother, or will we somehow have some kind of 'immunity' to the specific strain we have? Getting these questions answered are a high priority for my state of well-being at the moment.

My current husband of 25 years doesn't appear to have any skin bumps, warts or anything. He was my only partner,he had other partners before me.

I've been married for 25 faithful years to my 2nd husband.

After our breakup I was tested for all the STD's, not really sure if HPV was one of them.

Initially we assumed I had passed the "yeast infection to him" but he started to look up causes on the internet and came across pictures of herpes on a penis. I have total trust in my husband so I do not question his faithfullness to me.

I felt sick to my stomach because I worried that a stupid air headed decision I had made in college with this one guy, one night may be the cause of this.

Warts are tumours or growths of the skin caused by infection with Human Papillomavirus (HPV).

They are contagious when in contact with the skin of an infected person.I would doubt any answers Bhupinder Kaur, MD offers here on this forum regarding HPV risk and contagion paths, answers that greatly differ from the answers that the doctors give in the real medical community, and the HPV info on real medical sites all you who are worried must place your questions there I think.I am convinced that you can read you to answer all your questions on the medical community, similar questions are asked lots of times and answered by the doctor, my intention was not to disrupt your thread, sorry, but I do not believe in either the doctor here above will answer your questions, and that it is transmitted through towels are probably most other doctors do not agree that you get different answers about the virus is for life and held down by the immune system is quite as it should be!BUT I later called his assistant a day later with questions, and she told me the virus is 'for life' but the breakouts will diminish over time.This makes for a very confusing situation, considering I also find an equal amount of both pieces of info online etc. I believe the strain of HPV that I have contracted is considered 'low-risk.' It surfaces below my vaginal opening as little, painless white headed bumps that literally fall off and disappear within 1-5 days.Hi, I will share my experience with you as it is all I know.

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