Dating earth gifs

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Two different types of ocean data were used in these images: shallow water true color data, and global ocean color (or chlorophyll) data. MODIS observations of polar sea ice were combined with observations of Antarctica made by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s AVHRR sensor—the Advanced Very High Resolution Radiometer.

The GIF was lifted from the 1972 western film Jeremiah Johnson and is used to offer a nod of approval.A month later when Ellen De Generes asked her to explain, she insisted, 'I do not clap like that, that is a weird lens.'However, she added: 'It's the Cinderella thing, you borrow these expensive jewels and I'm like, 'You must not damage these diamonds!This spectacular “blue marble” image is the most detailed true-color image of the entire Earth to date.Using a procedural interruption, she repeatedly told him she was 'reclaiming my time' to direct him back to the original question.Super Bowl viewers went wild for this awkward moment of the halftime show, when Gaga supposedly jumped off the top of the stadium to the stage inside.Swifties are big fans of this GIF, ripped from the singer's September AT&T commercial.

It's the moment that Taylor, after drawing a caricature of Andy Sandberg, engages in a choreographed fight sequence with the actor and kicks him into a wall.

The most popular GIF clocked in at 300 million views in 2017, after being first uploaded at the end of 2016.

It shows a stop-motion gnome that has been knit from yarn.

Definitely the oldest GIF on the list, this is picked from a scene in the 1953 educational video Let's Be Good Citizens at School.

Of course, the thought bubble with the words 'haters gonna hate' was not in the original movie.

Here a few of her triggers for entering into a rage.