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Jaslene Gonzalez was a contestant and winner of Cycle 8 of ANTM.Jaslene was born in Puerto Rico and grew up in Humboldt Park, Chicago, where attended Notre Dame High School for Girls in Chicago.

In a stroke of marketing genius, this album teased the audience with the idea of finally seeing who was under these “masks” (which is weird since everyone knew they weren’t wearing masks, but whatever). I always joke about Kiss doing a tour and playing “Shandi.” It’s such a cheesy ballad and yet I think it’s really good (for a cheesy ballad–Paul sings this type of song so well).She indeed tried out for Cycle 8 and this time made it to the finals.During the competition, Jaslene was called first at panel four times, and won one reward challenge.When she finally couldn’t take it anymore, she reached out for help and for her troubles, she was shipped of the Dominican Republic. She settled down, went to school, joined the track team (if her legs and ass were fine before, imagine what they were like after months of racing) and she began dating a nice guy. That feeling that says something is about to change?As a short story (which excerpts often seem like they are meant to be) this is kind of disappointing because it ends without revealing the big change.However, since this is part of a greater story, it’s fine as a teaser for what you have to look forward to.

is about Oscar, but this excerpt reminds us that the book is about more than just Oscar, it’s about his family.

Jaslene tried out for Cycle 7, but only made it to the semifinals.

Assuring the judges that she would be back for the next cycle’s audition, Jaslene’s determination caught the eyes of producers, who thought she had potential.

She was an online college admissions advisor prior to America’s Next Top Model.

Jaslene had done some modeling prior to America’s Next Top Model, having been represented by Avant Garde Models.

It has the cool opening “man battle stations torpedo,” a really funky (!!