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A number of other people commented on and improved various aspects of this work—with or without knowing it—through lengthy discussions, including Warren Hill, John Clark, Don Forsyth, and Richard Hansen.

Although it is not known whether the initial occupants of these settlements were indigenous peoples or colonists from neighboring regions, once settled, intra- and inter-regional contact was frequent, presumably directed by hereditary privileged leaders who also organized public works projects such as the recently discovered late Middle Formative ceremonial architecture and colossal stone monuments of Nakbe, Guatemala (Hansen 1991).

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I also thank the Director of the New World Archaeological Foundation, John Clark, for employment during the latter writing stage of this research.

S c , Trent University, 1990 A THESIS S U B M I T T E D IN P A R T I A L F U L F I L M E N T OF THE REQUIREMENTS F O R THE D E G R E E OF M A S T E R OF ARTS in THE F A C U L T Y OF G R A D U A T E STUDIES (Department o f Anthropology and Sociology) We accept this thesis as conforming to the required standard THE UNIVERSITY OF BRITISH C O L U M B I A June 1998 © D a v i d Cheetham, 1998 In presenting this degree at the thesis in University of partial fulfilment of the requirements British Columbia, I agree that the for an advanced Library shall make it freely available for reference and _ study.

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Intermediate Horizon style motifs of the Cunil phase Chitam sub-complex and other southern Maya Lowland sites Comparative chart of Cahal Pech avian-serpent motifs/design attributes and those from other sites/regions of Mesoamerica 33 Figure 8.

I would like to thank Paul Healy and Jaime Awe for the opportunity to participate in the Belize Valley Preclassic Maya Project, and for their support and encouragement over the past decade.

This paper examines when the process of political power and persuasion began in the central Maya Lowlands, its basis, and its possible connection to long-distance contact.

I would like to thank them both for their clarity of thought, interest, encouragement, and patience.

DEYO, Chief Engineer For construction purposes the road was divided into sub-sections, and sub-contracts were let which included excavation, construction and re-construction of sub-surface structures, support of surface railway tracks and abutting buildings, erection of steel (underground and viaduct), masonry work and tunnel work under the rivers; also the plastering and painting of the inside of tunnel walls and restoration of street surface.