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Sean Michael Kratz has been arrested and charged by the Bucks County District Attorney’s Office for being an accomplice in the mysterious murders of four men who were reported missing last week.Less than 24 hours after Cosmo Di Nardo confessed to the murders of the men, authorities said they took a second “person of interest” into custody.

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Showing off her enviable figure, she left her brunette tresses loose, adding a pretty hair chain and multi-string necklace as she cosied up to her man for the bohemian-inspired ceremony.Posting another snap as the couple cuddled up with the sunset in the background, she wrote: The Beauty and Magic of the playa is unlike anything you could possibly imagine #Burning Man Wedding #Faris Of Them All #The Playa Provides #Sunset Wedding #MYKING'.And giving an insight to the run-up of their wedding plans, she shared a stunning snap of the temporary flower-embellished tower the couple exchanged vows under.'The stunning 70ft Flower Tower.Meanwhile Sean is an American actor, model, and producer, who appeared in the first three episodes of Vampire Diaries, before going onto star in films including The Lost Valentine.As per the latest news, the couple might end up getting married this year. As the American film and TV actor Sean and Cherie recently spotted shopping an engagement ring on May 9, 2017. Sean and Cherie met early in the year 2015 and fell for each other. the news came that the duo might start their life as a husband and wife very soon.

Hope they will soon announce their engagement to the world.

Cherie, full name Cherie Alexandra Jimenez Daly is an American actress who played played character Jill Francis on Banshee after joining in the third season.

She previously played Lena Bella, before they changed her character in the fourth season.

That man turned out to be Kratz, who was charged with aiding in the murders of the men Friday.

Further details on the arrest and the case are expected at a press conference to be held at 2 p.m.

Initially, Sean was in a relationship with Cherie Alexandra but the exact reason behind the split of the pair is still unknown.

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