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According to The Associated Press "Fans who had been loudly shouting for their favorites fell into stunned silence when judge Betty-Anne Stenmark announced her choice." Flynn lead the pack among 2,882 canine competitors representing 202 breeds and varieties.In 2008, the allure of coming to the United States seemed like a two-way street for Chinmoyee Datta.

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According to a CNN report from last summer, 44 million Americans make money outside their regular job with a "side hustle." Carnegie Library's new Side Hustle lecture series, which launches this week, will highlight different options for joining the gig economy each week.

We pulled together a variety of questions for this short history.

A rehabilitation effort in the commercial corridor of the Hill District is one step closer to opening its doors.

The Republican is running for Congress in a contest widely seen as the latest test of whether Trump's party can stave off Democratic gains in the fall elections.

Saccone faces Democrat and Marine Corps veteran Conor Lamb in a March 13 special election to succeed Republican Rep.

Now if you don't mind, I've got some relentless tweeting to be getting on with...

is a music website, founded in the United Kingdom in 2002.star Lena Dunham have called it quits, Dunham's rep, Cindi Berger, confirms to ET.“The breakup is amicable,” Berger tells ET. In November, things seemed good between the two, to the point where Dunham told followers on Twitter that she mistakenly thought her longtime significant other was about to propose.“I heard him say ‘Lena’ and ‘finger’ so obviously it seemed like an engagement ring talk,” she shared."Now I literally can't sleep cuz I'm laughing too hard and I am also keeping him awake. It's real nice."RELATED CONTENT: Why Lena Dunham Mistakenly Thought Jack Antonoff Was Going to Propose – Read the Hilarious Tweets!Pregnant Mindy Kaling Enjoys Beach Day With Lena Dunham and Pals: See the Pics! If you've somehow missed the inspirational story of how Jake T Austin and his girlfriend, Danielle came together, have a scroll down below, it gives hope to us all.Using a music recommender system called "Audioscrobbler", builds a detailed profile of each user's musical taste by recording details of the tracks the user listens to, either from Internet radio stations, or the user's computer or many portable music devices.

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    -- A man was telling his neighbour "I just bought a new hearing aid. ORSM VIDEO The following are quotes from British GCSE exam answers by 16 year olds. Egyptians lived in the Sarah Dessert and travelled by Camelot.