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The room was well lit and it appeared to be a dining room, a very large table ran the length of the room, set for ten places, the plates and remains of the meal still sat on the table.

The solution was simple enough, I climbed one of the trees at the back of the lawn and found a position where I could see into one of the bedrooms; as luck would have it Susan, not Kelly entered the room.The property was enclosed by a high wooden fence, but I scaled it easily enough and waited, hidden in the trees to see what I could make out from the outside.I could easily discern that a party was going on in the house and since Kelly and Susan had arrived without any bags or boxes, or anything that you would expect people organising an event to have I knew that my suspicions were correct.I could tell from her voice that she was struggling to keep it together. But it’s a job, a bloody well paid one and you said this was going to be the last time didn’t you? I can’t do this any more, it’s affecting me and Joe.God if he ever found out about this.” “Hello ladies! “Come on Suze, remember to act like you’re enjoying it and try and say the right things.I couldn’t draw her on what the problem was so I left it at that.

A couple of months after that first event, Susan told me she was going to help Kelly with her next party, she seemed hesitant and again I asked her what the problem was, and again she was non-committal.

I stood there in the shadows absolutely dumbfounded by what I’d just heard. I felt sick to the stomach as their words replayed in my mind.

Every emotion surged through me, but I was paralyzed by indecision.

In the months that followed she helped Kelly at three more events and earned another £3000, but sank deeper into the gloom that had enveloped her.

I eventually came to the conclusion that she was having an affair, stupid I know, but how could I have guessed that the problem really was that she was working as a high-class call girl.

I should have been livid, I should have packed my bags and left her, but I now knew that she had been a reluctant participant in the events I had witnessed. We were struggling to pay the bills, even with the little extra I was making in over-time; when her friend Kelly suggested that she could make good money working with her as an events organizer.