Wpf combobox text not updating

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What I mean is that you can control (and alter) one control's property (whatever) based on what the other control has in its property.

One-way (to the source): This is similar to the preceding posted one-way, however it is different in a way that it is in the opposite direction.We will use: These are three different types of controls with different working rules.A text box provides the abiity to input a value, whereas a text block is a simple text label element and a slider is something that has a range of values for the user to select from.The property or attribute of the control that you want to bind has a separate type of value inside the attribute. The preceding control is now bound to the member "Name" of the object specified in the Data Context of the control or the parent control (maybe a window).Example being used This article shows how to bind three controls to each other.Data binding direction types The direction of the data binding is a very important part of this entire phenomenon.

It specifies the direction that would be taken by the object to share the data.Binding Source: The Binding Source is the actual object that is to be bound.It can be a string, integer or even a custom data object such as a class or even a list.In WPF, you get many controls such as: Quite a few of other controls that, even if I were to continue to write all of them, it would take a lot of time to explain them. For more on references of data binding in WPF, please read the MSDN document also.More stuff Here is a few other things before I continue.Then removing any connection between them both then unbinding them. Two-way: A two-way process is the one when you bind the data to the control in a way that they are connected after the rendering also.

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