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This will get resolved, but if not in the next day or two I can go up there and install a separate IR light source for the cavity cam. However, I really want to get the new higher def cams installed.So sorry for the delay, but as we all know – and in the words of the great Roseanne Roseannadana: “It’s always something…” Pete 11/30/17 I’m still trying to work out some technical issues with Jorge on the two new cams. This will mean the cavity and PTZ cams could be down for some time during the swap. I also made a tweak to our donate pages so it should now accept international donations. I was told that we may be back up before 3pm so I suggest you start checking back in around 1PM. But this evening it was a bit cool (95…) so I reinstalled the compost cam.

Should be better resolution and also have IR at night. Pete 12/12/17 PM PST They’ll be some cam down time since I’m about to go up and try to get the audio working. Nobody home at the moment anyway so a good time for this M&R. Pete Addendum – I’m gonna have to work on the audio. But I’m having trouble getting it streaming to you guys.If you still want to attend the banding you can do so by clicking and signing up But do so quickly, because this is going to happen less than 24hrs from now. It’s our biggest fundraiser and I’m hoping that if you’re watching these cams and like the other things we do at Starr Ranch you will consider supporting us with a pledge.Pete 4/6/2017 I’m FINALLY getting to sending t-shirts to those who get one because they donated or more per egg. This will take you to a page with event details and where you can preregister. Pete Just a heads up that if things continue to progress as they have I will be banding the Barn Owl chicks on Saturday April 8th.Check out this 2 min clip from around 3PM on May 23rd of how fast they got to work. Pete 5/15/17 Wynne kindly (and gently) let me now that Steve mentioned the 100th Birdtahon species in his recap. Pete 05/14/17 Hmmmm, it appears the LED’s that provide the night time infrared view of the cavity are no longer working. Pete 4/21/16 I think you all know that I don’t often make a pitch for support.So, once the BNOW fledglings are no longer returning to the cavity and it’s vacant for a while – which is what typically and eventually happens – I will go up there and install a new camera (the one that’s there is REALLY old), In the meantime, the cavity is being partially “lit up” by the infrared LED’s from the PTZ cam, so that’s why you can still see a little bit there at night. However, as we approach the end of April, the “2017 Starr Ranch Birdathon Month”, I’m really hoping you will consider making a pledge.So I’m pretty sure it’s going to be an active nest.

BTW, if you’re having trouble viewing, clear your browsers cache as a first try at fixing.And I’ll likely put that feed on something else when I do.Anyway, just wanted to let you know why it went dark.In the post below I mentioned how to do this in Fire Fox. Pete 3/15/17 The Allen’s Hummingbird cam went down and given it’s a ways away from Starr Ranch I haven’t had time to troubleshoot and fix.And I also think the two chicks have probably fledged by now. Once power is restored I will get them back on ASAP.