Boss pedal dating

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It offers more clarity than the other two, and has the warmest distortion.

Tone comparison Many guitarists with a BOSS DS-1 would likely own this version of the DS-1.

It is cheap, and most importantly, it is easily obtainable.

While many of us are contented with the performance of this unit, most tend to sell it after a given period of time, or preferably mod it.

This is mainly due to the fact that this DS-1 has several unusable settings.

As the gain is turned up, the sound becomes fizzy (like a poorly made fuzz) and noise is inherent.

This DS-1 is the least loudest, but it pays for that in tone.

The DS-1 can be considered to be a ‘transparent’ drive, although distortion pedals should not be marketed as such.I’m sure many of you have trolled around the forums or asked your experienced friends the golden question; “Recommend me a distortion pedal.” More often than not, the name DS-1 pops up as the number one contender, as if it was a household name when talking about distortion.This is none other than the highly acclaimed pedal by effects giant BOSS.However, this DS-1 is the most difficult to have in your board for 2 reasons. That means the LED light switches on only as you switch on, or switch off the pedal, meaning you won’t know if it is in use or not without actually listening.Second, it requires its own regulated PSU (or adaptor).I’ve tried it alongside boutique effect-makers Radial’s Classic Distortion and Home Brew Electronics Big ‘D’ Distortion, and the MIJ DS-1 was comparable in terms of clarity, and was versatile despite the 3 knobs offered (although it is not as versatile as the other two).

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