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Surely all of these issues occurring continually over time, his mind concentrating on violence and a fanatical belief indicated that he was a bundle of trouble.

I doubt that he would fit the requirements for mental illness.

Monis's bail conditions included those imposed in 2013 and he needed to find a ,000 surety and live at a particular address.

Once again these bail conditions were onerous and the decision by Magistrate Baptie seems entirely reasonable given the material she had before her.

This change represented a substantial diminution of the presumption of innocence.

But this change has nothing on the appalling changes the current Attorney-General, Brad Hazzard, has introduced and that will come into force in January next year.

Under these changes there is a presumption against a grant of bail in cases of sexual assault of children; use of a firearm; trafficking commercial quantities of drugs; serious personal violence; that the alleged offence was committed while the accused was on bail or parole; or that the alleged offence carries a potential life sentence.

Being an accessory to a crime such as murder is included here.* And even if a person can show that keeping them in custody while they await their trial is unjust, they then have to answer the assessment of risk exercise that a court carries out.

Unfortunately, and due to the unseemly coalition of police, victims groups and tabloid media outlets, in the past couple of decade's legislators have whittled away that presumption of innocence and right to liberty by making it very difficult for individuals to get bail. The former NSW Attorney-General Greg Smith introduced changes to the bail laws in 2013 that, despite recommendations from highly experienced former judges Hal Sperling and James Wood, removed the presumption for or against bail.

The NSW Government, led by Barry O'Farrell and Mike Baird, have cavalierly disregarded the right of people presumed innocent to remain on bail until their charges are heard by a court. Instead, the court was to undertake an "assessment of risk".

Bail is a very important feature of the justice system and is an expression of that fundamental human right, the right to liberty and the English common law right of the presumption of innocence.

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