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I fell in love on our first day of high school when Julia Reynolds asked you out on a date because she’d had a crush on you since seventh grade.I was sitting beside you in the cafeteria while our entire grade watched you reject the pretty redhead, who ran crying to the bathroom with a pack of her girlfriends giving you dirty looks.

And the day we graduated, you kissed me in front of our entire class and their families, laughing at their shocked faces at out public display.

I’ll never forget the way you pulled me in close, one hand on my neck the other holding my hand, and how I felt your sweet hot breath wash over me for what would be one of a thousand times to come.

I fell in love a week later when we knew we had to tell our parents about the new development in our friendship turned relationship.

A moment stretched into hours while the second that transpired a minute before etched itself into our history.

And then, slowly and tentatively in contrast to your rapid advance, I moved towards you with a cautious deliberation that would remove all excuse for error and further cement our fate.

I fell in love during our winter breaks, sledding in the backyard before running inside where you mom would warm us up with hot chocolate.

Snow still sparkled on your hair, making you look like a Christmas tree ornament yourself.I fell in love the night of our senior prom, where we watched movies in my parent’s basement and sat too close to each other on the tattered old couch.I found myself watching you more than the actors on the screen, and in fact hadn’t noticed the credits rolling until you turned toward me to make a comment only to find me staring at you with an intensity I’d tried to suppress for so many years. So quick and fast I barely registered it, I just stared at you with eyes the size of dinner plates; you bit your lip, looking nervous for the first and only time I can remember.You held my hand again as we faced first your parents then mine, and partook in the most terrifying sequence of conversations either of us had yet to bear.And when they all took it better than we could have possibly expected, you told me you loved me then kissed me – and ran home before I could tell you that I did too.We spent the entirety of that weekend learning every detail of each others’ bodies – I, for one, discovered that you were ticklish when I licked beneath your ribs, and that you shivered when I nipped at the back of your neck, and that your skin flushed bright red anytime I neared the singular apex between your thighs.

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