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Basically I would wear tights, he would spank me, and thats just how it went for the first couple of times.

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Jon gagged me with some tights and pulled them down over my head.

Jon stood up and left the bedroom and came back with his carrier bag of ropes and the leather strap he used for spanking. Jon tied my wrists behind my back, tighter than any previous occasion, he then used some tights and gagged me again, then pulled some thick black tights down over my head.

He had gagged me different this time, pushing the tights into my mouth then wrapping some around face, I couldnt say a word, as such.

I'd had about 10 - 12 meetings with a chap from yorkshire, not too far from where I am, called Jon,he called over to my place in the afternoons over a period of about 9 month.

From the outset we made our intentions, expectations clear as to avoid any surprises.

Jon said ' I think you trust me enough by now to know you're in good hands, a gagging and a bit of restraint might be something you would enjoy', I said 'its up to you really'.

Jon said he would bring some ropes and we could see how things developed.

Nevertheless it was enjoyable, he pulled out of me and again ejaculated on soles of feet. This happened a few times after that, same scenario etc.

A month or so later the same was happening, he was analling me and he pulled out and said 'suck'.

Jon then asked if I fancied doing it upstairs, on bed. We went upstairs and Jon asked if it was okay with me if he stripped.

I said ' if you want to', but I actually didnt want him to, but figured lifes all about giving and taking.

A day or two later Jon and I were chatting, I was waiting for an opportunity to let Jon know that I was calling things a day, I had invented some lie about 'keeping a low profile for a while' due to domestic problems.

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