Inserting and updating long lob colum

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If the actual LOB size is no larger than the descriptor size, it will be implicitly inlined, even if no inlining is specified for the column.

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Before he did, he wrote up these two great posts based on investigation he did on LOB performance. This data is referenced by queries via bufferpool access, i.e.Virtual source columns can be mapped to non-virtual target columns Virtual columns in unique keys and indexes are ignored If a virtual column is the only unique identifier for a table, the remaining columns will be used for row identification.This can lead to table corruption if the remaining columns do not ensure uniqueness.Additional data may be fetched from the database file where necessary.Integrated capture was introduced in Oracle Golden Gate 11.2.1.Data is not captured from or applied to virtual columns Changes to virtual columns are not logged in the online redo log and therefore cannot be extracted by Golden Gate.

Initial load data cannot be applied to a virtual column.This page describes which Oracle data types are supported by Oracle Golden Gate.It is intended to help determine whether classic or integrated capture is the more appropriate mode to replicate a specific database.The size of this descriptor varies from 60 to 312 bytes, depending on the size defined for the LOB in the definition of the table.The actual size of the LOB data is also included in the descriptor.The necessity of handling large amounts of data of potentially very disparate sizes efficiently is what drives the LOB storage mechanism.