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The data collection process was similar to that at baseline, including the initial lottery ticket, but with the addition of a third reminder offering a paper version of the questionnaire and two cinema tickets for participating.After 3 reminders, the response rate was 73 %, and after exclusion of 21 persons with missing BMI data, = 3928 (1403 men and 2525 women).

There were no clear prospective associations between computer use for emailing/chatting and overweight in either sex. Weight has increased in all age groups, but the increase has been largest among those under 50.This development has been paralleled by the increased use of computers at work, at school and at leisure.In 2013 it was estimated that nearly all 16–24 year old Swedes used computers, and 83 % did so on a daily basis [].After excluding three individuals with implausible values for weight and 18 with missing data on BMI, 2593 (957 men and 1636 women) remained in the study (Fig.The questions were identical at baseline and at the 1-year follow-up.The aim was to examine leisure time computer use for gaming, and for emailing/chatting, in relation to overweight development in young adults. Exposure variables were average daily time spent on leisure time computer gaming and emailing/chatting.

Logistic regression was performed for cross-sectional analyses with overweight (BMI ≥ 25) and obesity (BMI ≥ 30) as the outcomes, and for prospective analyses with new cases of overweight at the 1- and 5-year follow-ups.

1 Euro) was attached to the cover letter and could be used regardless of participation in the study.

After two reminders, there were 7125 respondents (36 %).

Social media use on the internet has become a dominating activity.

In 2014, 16–25 year olds spent an average of 7.6 h per week on social media (Facebook being the most popular social networking site) [] found associations between time spent on the computer for emailing, writing and surfing the internet and overweight in girls (and similar but non-significant results for boys), but not for time spent on digital games (computer, video or consoles).

The questionnaire could be returned by post or completed online, if desired.