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"We are formally requesting an investigation by the FCC into the nature and function of Google Inc.'s voice service," the lawmakers wrote in their Oct. "A company should not be able to evade compliance with important principles of access and competition set forth by the FCC by simply self-declaring it is not subject to them without further investigation." Set aside for the moment the fact that most of these lawmakers have received over their careers hundreds of thousands of dollars from AT&T and Verizon (VZ) in campaign and PAC donations.

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Instead, to understand what's going on here, consider this background.

Only had one annoying harassment situation so far but that's not why I prefer to avoid voice. Don't know what happened in voice chat at that moment.

It's because I more often get the "shut up squeaker" treatment lol. I haven't played in competitive yet but in quick play I played with a chick and nobody said anything. I wouldn't not use your mic just cause a couple of a holes in the past have given you a hard time.

I'm sure there's some people out there that are dicks but they're dicks to everyone- being a girl is just something different that they can attack. I can't count how many times in TF2 a female voice came on over chat and everyone lost their ! Whenever the players weren't outright misogynistic they were awkwardly trying to flirt with them because OMG GURLZ DONT PLAY GAEMZ.

Most of the female players I've known tend to stay quiet to avoid that kind of %^-*.

AT&T has never been happy about that, and it's now livid that Google Voice can avoid having to connect such calls -- thus dodging this twisted fee scheme.

On Thursday, after much sniping between AT&T and Google, the dispute reached Congress: A group of 20 House Republicans and Democrats wrote to the FCC urging it to investigate Google's right to block calls to rural telephone exchanges.A tip would be to say something at the start of the match and everyone that reacts to you being a girl - Block them right away. @#$ because they won't give a damn about the game like half of this community. Everytime and i say EVERYTIME someone responded by using the mic,the guys was only trying to flirt.Not just to add them as players or anything,but just straight flirting or the classic toxic comments "go back in the kitchen." "get back on sucking on my %#%#!I think they've been unlucky but it's annoying for them. In the last game I played, game starts and the first person to speak was a girl that said "anyone on a mic?", and the first response was a guy saying "I have a mic, and a massive c0ck". Despite what a handful of lawmakers may say, the dispute between Google (GOOG) and AT&T (T) over the search giant's Google Voice application is not so much about fairness or rural access as it is about steamy phone sex and piles of money.

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