House chase bet pretty dating

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House chase bet pretty dating

Unable to get Cate out or any additional medical supplies to the South Pole station, House and his team must resort to treating her via webcam.Meanwhile House sends Taub, Kutner and Thirteen to harass Cameron until she gets cable for his office and he attempts to discover the identity of Wilson's new girlfriend.

"Better Half" is the ninth episode of the eighth season of the American television medical drama series House and the 164th overall episode of the series.

with spinal muscular atrophy who is slowly suffocating.

As the teams try to outdo the other, complications arise.

who suffers from a sudden paralysis of the hands, causing an injury to her daughter while she is watching her at an indoor rock-climbing wall.

As House probes the woman and her injured daughter for any leads as to what might be causing her condition, he becomes convinced that the mother is withholding information. Cate Milton (Mira Sorvino), a psychiatrist trapped in the South Pole and the research station's only doctor, becomes ill in the middle of her assignment, she and House are thrust into a long-distance relationship of sorts.

This is due to a rare disease known as Giovannini Mirror Syndrome House becomes intrigued by the accuracy of this judge of character and manipulates the patient to judge others, while a team member wonders if House is more dominant than Cuddy. Samira Terzi, who offers very little information on the agent's history or previous assignments.

With limited information, House uses some unorthodox methods to try to determine a diagnosis in time to save his patient's life.Meanwhile, Wilson and Amber have their first argument and Cuddy tries to keep up appearances when an inspector makes an unexpected visit to Princeton-Plainsboro.House finds himself dazed, confused and covered in blood after surviving a bus accident that left dozens seriously injured.Unable to clearly recall the events leading up to the crash due to his head injuries, House is convinced through his flashbacks a fellow bus passenger is exhibiting signs of a deadly illness prior to the crash.Much to the team's dismay, House pushes through the pain of his injuries, desperate to piece together the fragments of his shattered memory in order to save someone who might not even know he could be dying.House is convinced one of the actors on his favorite soap opera (Jason Lewis) has a serious medical condition, after observing his symptoms on television.