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The following fields are transferred: In body, Out body, Fault body, In headers, Out headers, Fault headers, exchange properties, exchange exception. Camel will exclude any non-serializable objects and log it at option to disable the auto-mapping above.If disabled, Camel will not try to map the received JMS message, but instead uses it directly as the payload.

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For instance, it even allows you to route As all the above information is standard JMS you can check the JMS documentation for further details.The strategy is to replace any dots and hyphens in the header name as shown below and to reverse the replacement when the header name is restored from a JMS message sent over the wire. No more losing method names to invoke on a bean component, no more losing the filename header for the File Component, and so on.The current header name strategy for accepting header names in Camel is: Sets the JMS client ID to use.Note that this value, if specified, must be unique and can only be used by a single JMS connection instance.It is typically only required for durable topic subscriptions. option to control dynamic scaling up/down of threads. This is not ideal for use in a non-J2EE container and typically requires some caching in the JMS provider to avoid poor performance.

If you intend to use Apache Active MQ as your Message Broker - which is a good choice as Active MQ rocks , then we recommend that you either: must be unique and can only be used by a single JMS connection instance in your entire network.When using Active MQ beware that the default prefetch policy loads 1000 messages per consumer.See What is the prefetch limit on how to change this. If not provided, Camel will fall back to use the values from the endpoint instead.If this option is , and you stop the JMS route, then messages may be rejected, and the JMS broker would have to attempt re-deliveries, which yet again may be rejected, and eventually the message may be moved at a dead letter queue on the JMS broker.To avoid this scenario it's recommended this option be set to may pickup the next message from the JMS queue, while the previous message is being processed asynchronously (by the Asynchronous Routing Engine).Specifies whether the consumer accept messages while it is stopping.

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