Wynonna judd dating history

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I mean, seriously, let’s weave our own sweaters on a loom?The tour has a funny way of keeping me away from all of that.

“Today, I feel grateful for a life where I have the stage and I have my farm and that I have a back porch that I can walk out on and see a full moon shining over my land. “The holidays were all about fellowship and food and music and the tree.But yes, it’s a very interesting dynamic when I’m here going out to do this holiday tour jacking my hair up to Jesus and with all of this sparkle …“My life has been hard, filled with ups and downs and all arounds,” explains Wynonna, whose relationship with her Judds partner and mom, Naomi, was documented in a wildly popular OWN docu-series. But especially during the holidays, I was keenly aware of the have-nots.Sometimes I laugh and sometimes I cry thinking back on those times.” There were the Christmas mornings when there was nothing under the tree—but there was snow on the ground.3 in Ohio and run through the closing show in South Carolina on Dec. “I try to focus on the positive and try to never fall into the trap of living in the past.” To get in the holiday mood, Wynonna fills the tour bus with gifts given to her by her fans, from cookies to crocheted toilet paper holiday covers—giving her a reprieve from the never-ending commercialism of the holiday that makes her cringe.

“We work our butts off to bring joy to what can be a very difficult time for so many,” she says.“You know, I grew up in Kentucky,” she begins, shortly after waking up for the day in the comfort of her sprawling Tennessee home.“I feel so tied to so many memories there, and when I come into town for a show, it’s a real reminder of where I come from.“It’s about battling all the commercialism and expectations.I mean, everyone can’t be Martha Stewart or make their own do-it-yourself project every day.ABC News reported that Ashley went to the Franklin Police Department after the device was discovered in her silver Mini Cooper last month.