Consolidating internet radio programs

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Consolidating internet radio programs

As founder and CEO of Emmis Communications, Smulyan owns an armada of radio stations—including behemoths like Power 106 in Los Angeles and Hot 97 in New York.When I ask him whether terrestrial broadcast outlets like his can survive amid the podcast renaissance, he scoffs at the question’s premise.

“Podcasts only eat about a less than 1 percent chunk of my business.Local DJs were canned, local staffs were downsized, and local programming was ditched in favor of prerecorded, homogenous, national fare from the mother ship.“When you think of the podcasts that are making an impact, ones like great.Some people can’t afford the broadband that’s available to them.Not everyone owns a smartphone (though if you do, Smulyan wants you to know that it already has an FM chip inside it, which wireless carriers only need to activate for you to listen to over-the-air signals).Other radio ownership groups are in similar straits.

All that consolidation had further consequences, as well, as companies paying to service their debt trimmed costs by cutting regional flavor out of their station portfolios.

Some initiatives from traditional radio companies (like i Heart Media’s i Heart Radio) have begun to feed terrestrial radio content into online apps.

The problem is, the traditional radio outlets aren’t producing any content worth listening to—no matter how you listen to it.

That number is barely changed from 2012, or for that matter from 2002. , you haven’t listened to FM in years, corporate radio sucks.

According to Pew’s State of the Media report from earlier this year, in 2013 a full 91 percent of Americans 12 and up listened to traditional radio at least once per week.

When you think about commercial terrestrial radio, where’s the talent? The only breakout radio star of the last 10 years is Sean Hannity, and he wasn’t new.” These days, big-time commercial radio connects with very few passionate listeners beyond the realms of conservative political talk and sports gabbing.

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