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Her uncrowded beaches reverberated with the lusty, bawdy, jokes of fishermen back from a harvest of the sea. But Bataan also sheltered the world's best land-locked harbor. In frantic, hurried planning, Bataan became the pivot for "War Plan, Orange-3". They held on until the river waters were too pulluted with the dead to drink, until food to warm their bellies or quinine to still their bodies shivering from malaria ran out. The beaches again sound with the heave-hos of fishermen pulling their nets in.She had first sight on any ship that entered its waters. She would be the last outpost of a retreating army and be defended until relieved. Luzon's beaches were overrun and men came straggling into Bataan's hills, towns, mountains and defiles: Army professionals who soldiered during peacetime; National Guard units rushed to the Philippines at the last minute; lawyers, accountants, engineers, students mustered into an overnight army. In their desperate hours they made up, fantasized and believed, their own propaganda. They held on amid the moans of their maimed, the sick and dying. The sun sets and casts a fiery glow across the skies. Bataan was no epic battle of a grand sweep as in Stalingrad.

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The only flicker of recognition comes when one mentions the peninsula that encompasses these towns and mountains---Bataan.

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NOTE: If you run across a site thats charges a fee to view these pages, please let me know In the year 1932, when several stores in Wardell were giving sale tickets to be used in drawings for various prizes, they also came up with the idea of selecting a Wardell Queen.

Paula Ruth Welch was the first queen in the Junior High, and Nicole Thomas is queen for the 1978-79 school year. Mathis where the old Penhook School was for many years. Several different persons who operated the store were Prucher Chilton, Mr. Spidell and daughter Lucille moving into the area in 1924. Spidell negotiated the site of the land from the Himmelberger-Harrison Co. Spidell the two first editions, I received a nice letter from her and she gave me more detailed information. She stated there were 10 to 12,000 acres of land on which much of the timber had been removed. much of the picking, the school dismissed for at least 4 weeks after cotton was ready for good picking.

In the fall oof 1978, an Indian skeleton was unearthed on the land just across from the Wallace farm where two Indian mounds are. The skeleton was viewed by many sightseeers and was removed by Jerry Hillin and a friend of Semo College who are students of Anthropology. Blankenship, George Hillin, Herman Mc Cloud and Earl Stanfill. She stated Himmelberger-Harrison had leased the land from a Mr. This was being done by Gideon Anderson with the dummy line log train moving the timber. It contained much of the land north of Wardell and went west and south to the Floodway. Harry Harris lost their lives in an early morning fire. Three Wardell citizens who were young men of draft age in World War I served time in Europe. If there were others of the immediate area, I do not recall, although many served in fierce combat. The school began a few weeks earlier in order to dismiss for this work, which not only helped the farmers, but helped each family.

The weather and wash of many years no doubt had to do with the depth of earth which covered the bones. The first year the new farmers were supplied with their needs by the late T. Stoffle who owned and operated a store in Wardell at that time. A portion of the land cleared by the Mexicans is located a few miles southwest of Wardell, at least 900 acres, in the tract Mr. This was a significant operation in the development of the Wardell area becoming a farming region rather than a wilderness area. Many children form town and parents who were in good financial ratings picked cotton.

Many varied persons did business in Wardell during the years. The late Charlie Hall and the late Bill Waggoner also operated barber shops in Wardell in later years. A large building was constructed in Wardell across the street from the Davis-Tilghmon Gin. They wanted their children to be able to gain the knowledge of earning and the thrift of handling money.

Every year on April 9 they are asked to prepare a resolution proclaiming that day as "Bataan Day".

Filiipino-Americans then convene to commemorate, reminisce, pay tribute, and relive a glorious defeat. A stumpy, awkward protrusion of land jutting downward from the midsection of Luzon.

And she shared sentry with an island bastion that stood at the mouth of Manila Bay--Corregidor. Americans and Filipinos--bridling their fears, controlling their anxieties, and obeying the order--hold and defend until relieved. It was jungles with giant trees eight arms wide, overhanging vines and ferns that shielded stagnant waters and bred the anopheles mosquito. " The Bastards of Bataan, no mama, papa, no Uncle Sam," they sang. They squint at the horizon and they remember the same searching, futile gaze of white and brown faces who waited in vain for help that never came. She was no clash of giant armies such as the Battle of El Alamein.

It was bombs shaving the forests, gouging the earth, amputating arms and legs. Nor was Bataan a rousing, heroic crusade such as that which landed on the beaches of Normandy. From the very beginning, Bataan was a throw-away pawn, a doomed holding action, and a defeat.

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