Updating session variables

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Updating session variables

NET 5 has been redesigned to be so modular/configurable, you need to explicitly enable sessions in your app.You can think about each items in the dependecies section as project references in projects from pre-ASP. Everytime you make a change to the file, Visual studio (dnu, behind the scene i guess) will restore the packages/dependecies definded in this file.

Insert a Text box into Dashboard - Set text box to "Contains HTML" 2.

With PC-Pine you can: In the next section, I describe how you can get many of the advantages of PC-Pine and not have the first two disadvantages that I list above.

With Pine running on one of the Unix-on-Windows packages, such as Cygwin, you can run Pine on your PC and not have disadvantage #2 above, i.e., you can view and patch the Pine source code.

To update session variables so that they can be used in rpd querys you must call the NQSSetsessionvalue commands this is normally done from the Issue SQL in the administration part of OBIEE.

Using the code below this can be done using Prompt Variables and on a dashboard hidden away...

No, sessions can't be accessed by javascript directly.

It's stored on server, while javascript is running on client.

(Alpine is Pine's new name.) PC-Pine is Unix Pine that the University of Washington Pine team ported to Microsoft's platforms.

Versions 4.0 and later — the latest version is 4.64 — are 32-bit and run on Windows 95 and later (98, Me, NT, 2000, XP, etc).

The current testing version, Alpine 0.999999, was released 6 December 2007.

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Many people have an account on a Unix system and happily use Pine by SSH'ing from their Windows machine to a Unix machine and running Unix Pine in an SSH window.