Updating advanced guestbook 2 3

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Updating advanced guestbook 2 3 - Searchopen sex cams

I will make a request on make/polyglots to have you added as validator for this plugin/locale.

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Because this plugin integrates into WP comments, I don’t have to disable comments or other plugins, or configure guestbooks and log-in methods. Hi, i tried the anti spam catcha you suggested, it dodnt work for me, issue with that plugin. The only down fall is after clicking the reply, the main comment box goes away?

Have a look at the option description on the settings page for detailed information.

Yes, you can create an instance of the “SC_Comment_Guestbook” class which located in “includes/sc_comment-guestbook.php” in the plugin folder and call the function show_html($atts).

The importer does not delete any of your data, so you can go back to your previous setup without loss of data, if you want to. Import is supported from: If you have a problem or a feature request, please post it on the plugin’s support forum on They need to be validated though, so if there’s no validator yet, and you want to apply for being validator (PTE), please post it on the support forum.

I will make a request on make/polyglots to have you added as validator for this plugin/locale. Gwolle Guestbook: The Add-On is the add-on for Gwolle Guestbook that gives extra functionality for your guestbook.

It is simply a part of the site function, with flexible features. so i thought i’d ask, how else could i include a simple catcha to your plugin / comment guest book. People have to refresh the browser to bring the comments box back!

I use Super Socializer for comment log-in – I don’t want spam, users have no reason to register – I don’t do anything with it. could i use ‘Really Simple CAPTCHA’ and how could i apply it? I will give a 5 stars, Unless there’s a setting for it to keep the comment box in place?

Please help translating this plugin into multiple languages. There the source strings will always be in sync with the actual development version. If you enable this option the comment list will be displayed in the page content instead of the seperate comment section.

After that the comment list should be displayed also with themes which specifies no comment section for pages.

Activating WP-Spam Shield will disable the anti-spam features in Gwolle Guestbook and all anti-spam will be handled by WP-Spam Shield.

If you don’t want to use WP-Spam Shield’s protection for Gwolle Guestbook, then all you need to do is disable Anti-Spam for Miscellaneous Forms in WP-Spam Shield settings.

Current features include: The plugin itself is released under the GNU General Public License.