Inbetween phase before you start dating

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Inbetween phase before you start dating - back dating to save age

Together with your team I document existing workarounds, discuss pain points and wishes and design an optimized solution.I create and implement processes and styleguides for authors, developers and designers and roll out relevant information regularly.

I am a UX designer from southern Germany focusing on concept and content.When you internalize your customer's domain knowledge into your company, both of you benefit!Design for user's needs Based on my research findings I create (paper) mock-ups, low-fi wireframes and high-fi interactive click dummies using AXURE, the industry standard prototyping tool.If you have already published a hugh amount of content, and plan a migration or restructuring project, I can help you to clean up the mess, report outdated or redundant information and chaotic structures.A content inventory is a good starting point to implement a CMS, reuse topics, and define your content strategy!Talking in a people centric approach Using a digital product is nothing but a dialog between the system and the target group.

To personalize the style and wording and tell a compelling story to your customers, teams, and stakeholders, I design your individual brand voice: for any user interface, online shop, webpage or blog, by defining the terminology and creating a controlled vocabulary.My role depends on your goals: from moderator to consultant or critical observer, from trainer to mentor or coach.You can book me inhouse to develop your business model and minimal viable product, your digital strategy, for requirement engineering, ux/ui training, conception and prototyping.Investing in user research before development has started, is crucial - espacially for complex B2B services.Collaborative design is great to match people's expectations.A five month online training, covering the whole UX process, helped me to design my first app TASKLY.