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is a United States-based private non-profit non-governmental organization created in 1952 to place U. medical school students into residency training programs located in United States teaching hospitals. In addition to the annual Main Residency Match that encompasses more than 43,000 applicants and 31,000 positions, the NRMP conducts Fellowship Matches for more than 60 subspecialties through its Specialties Matching Service (SMS).Its mission has since expanded to include the placement of U. The NRMP is sponsored by a Board of Directors that includes medical school deans, teaching hospital executives, graduate medical education program directors, medical students and residents, and one public member.

However, in the fall of 1995 the NRMP Board of Directors commissioned a preliminary research study to evaluate of the current algorithm and recommend changes to be considered in its operation and description, Matching applicants to programs is a generalization of the stable marriage problem; as a result, the solutions are very similar.

For advanced programs on the rank order list, applicants can append a supplemental list of preliminary programs to attempt to match to a full course of training.

The matching process begins with an attempt to match an applicant to the program most preferred on that applicant’s rank order list.

citizen international medical school students and graduates into residency and fellowship training programs.

NRMP International, a subsidiary of the National Resident Matching Program, was established in 2010 to provide medical matching services outside the United States and Canada.

For applicants matching as a couple, the rank order lists include pairs of program choices that are considered simultaneously by the matching algorithm.

Applicants' rank order lists can include a combination of categorical programs (training that is 3-5 years in length and begins in the first post-graduate year); preliminary programs (training that is one year in length and begins in the first post-graduate year); or advanced programs (training that is 3-4 years in length and begins after one or more years of preliminary training).

The organization, known as the National Intern Matching Program (NIMP), was incorporated on January 7, 1953.

Modifications to the algorithm proposed by students in 1951 were based on concerns that the matching process favored hospitals over applicants.

In 1945, medical schools decided not to release any transcripts or permit any letters of recommendation to be written until a particular date.

In that way, they managed to move the date of residency selection back to the fourth year of medical school.

The full algorithm is described in The application process for residency training begins prior to the opening of the Main Residency Match in September.

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