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There also exists a strong sentiment that sexual abuse is a shameful experience for the victim, and in turn for the victim’s family, which is likely to cause an under-reportage of incidences of rape.

In one episode Nabiki meets a girl just as manipulating as herself, and they agree to a challenge where the first of the pair to spend money on a date is the loser.Although this rather patriarchal philosophy began to significantly weaken following the Second World War, some historians argue that it was still very much visible up until the 1980s and still plays a part in the Japanese consciousness today.Certainly Japan cannot be said to be a nation that prizes gender equality or emancipation – small wonder then that many are quick to denounce the seemingly very selfish and improper behavior surrounding enjo kosai.In a previous article here on Otaku Lounge discussing gyaru street fashion and subculture, I made brief mention of something called ‘enjo kosai’ – translating roughly to ‘assistance relationship’, but probably better understood by the term ‘compensated dating’.Today I’d like to expand on this by taking a brief look not only at the background behind the term, but also how it’s been viewed by Japanese media and the general public.though needless to say, this style has evolved somewhat since then.

The criticism remains basically the same, however; critics condemn gyaru, particularly those engaging in enjo kosai, as shallow and obsessed with conspicuous consumption – women who support their lifestyle by leeching from either their parents or their skeevy patrons.In most of these instances, characters dealing with financial or emotional problems or with peer pressure are seen as sympathetic, while those who are seen as actually enjoying the situation are viewed as immoral or irredeemable.For example, Natsuki, the girlfriend of main character Takumi in the anime, engages in enjo kosai in the beginning of the series (although the English dub alters this plot so that Natsuki is spending time with her divorced father) – but by the third season, Natsuki has decided to get a job at a fast-food restaurant after Takumi saves her from being raped by the son of her former enjo kosai partner.To combat the problem, some prefectures instituted a program in which plain-clothes police officers and volunteers approached young women who appeared to be participating in ‘juvenile delinquent behaviour’ (staying out past 11pm, underage smoking or drinking, etc.) in order to offer guidance against such actions.Under extreme circumstances, police could take teenagers to a police station or specific centre for ‘formal guidance’ and enter them into a confidential police directory.In the gyaru-centric anime, top student Aya is involved with enjo kosai as a means of escape from her high-pressure academic life until main protagonist Ran helps her to see her own self-worth.