Offline dating services

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Offline dating services

Why then do so many people ruin it with ill prepared 60 seconds?

Were they not interested in me I wondered if I had BO or my Aftershave was too strong!Now don’t get me wrong, 60 seconds are democratic, because everyone has a go!Each member has their turn, which is democracy in action. Remembering you only get one chance to make a first impression, why is so many networkers neglect their 60 seconds?By not project confidence in those 60 seconds how can you impress confidence on others?5 Tips on how to deliver Better Presentations Are you listening at the back?And clients and potential clients will often make a decision on who they will use based on the impression quickly formed from an initial meeting. Tell the truth I have become really, cynical about the way in which people say they are different I spend a lot of time networking and I hear a lot of stuff about how different business owners are and the truth is, they often seem to say more or less the same thing.

Prospects will often give you the benefit of the doubt when it comes to things like technical skill and competence. So it’s critical to have a way to make a prospect want to do business with you instead of another provider. Sad to say this is obvious with accountants and financial advisers.

People do similar things to you, they have similar services, similar websites, similar offerings and they do the things you do and probably charge very similar to you.

Your prospects often prefer to do business with you if they feel they have something in common Every time you’re networking you’re pitching, and all you are saying is: ‘Pick Me’.” power of the network to market them.

Learning how to connect and engage with clients and potential clients is a crucial weapon in the business presenter’s armoury that is too often overlooked in favour of technical skills.

No matter if it’s a formal setting or an informal one, business presenters are constantly pitching their services and their business.

The components of a successful 60 seconds include engaging with the client, authenticity, smiling and being passionate about what you do, using humour rand keeping things as simple as they need to be for the audience.