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A senior Muslim politician has blamed unhappy arranged marriages to cousins for leading some Asian men to prey on vulnerable young white girls to fulfil their sexual needs.Lord Ahmed of Rotherham, Britain’s first Muslim peer, is the first politician to make a link between first-cousin marriages and sex crimes by Asian men.

His comments come weeks after former Foreign Secretary Jack Straw provoked national outrage by saying that some Asian men look at white girls as ‘easy meat’ for sexual abuse.A Home Office spokesman said: ‘We should not jump to form conclusions about national patterns of offending without further analysis.’Health experts have previously warned British Pakistanis to reduce the number of cousin marriages as it is leading to a high number of genetic birth defects in the community.Lord Ahmed was briefly expelled from Labour after he served 16 days in prison in 2009 for sending text messages at the wheel before a fatal crash. Comment perçoivent-ils les réseaux sociaux et leur impact par rapport aux journalistes des autres pays ? ” Eléments de réponses lors du direct Orange des Sommets du Digital 2018 avec Julien Carlier (Social Dynamite), Fréderic Dumas (Cision France) et Gregory Pouy de La Mercatique. um 09.30 Uhr BÜRO (Telefon & E-Mail) ist vom 12.02. ‘I am deeply worried about this as it has happened in my own backyard, and in Rochdale and Bradford.

‘This didn’t happen in my or my father’s generation. While I respect individual choice, I think the community needs to look at marriages in the UK rather than cousin marriages or economic marriages from abroad.’ Studies have shown that 55 per cent of British Pakistanis marry their first cousins, usually from abroad. Although marriages between first cousins is lawful in Britain, it is frowned upon by many who see it as a form of incest. First-cousin marriages among other British Muslim groups such as Bangladeshis or Indians are less prevalent.1 857 journalistes ont accepté de répondre à nos questions.Comment les journalistes utilisent les réseaux sociaux ?Der gebürtige Berliner und ehemalige Trainer des SC Rot-Weiß Oberhausen ist seit August 2016 ohne Job.Der 48-jährige Fußballlehrer kennt Bölstler aus gemeinsamen Zeiten bei Rot Weiss Ahlen.Labour peer Lord Ahmed said: ‘I get a lot of criticism from Asian people who ask, “How can you say this about Asian men?

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