Martha stewart and online dating

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Martha stewart and online dating - dating a neighbor booty call

He told her to have an abortion but Roo decided she wanted to keep the baby.

When she returned to the bay at Easter she had changed and made lots of bitchy remarks to Frank about how she preferred ‘real men with class’ now.Episodes: 3–339; 344–345; 5195-present Parents: Alf Stewart & Martha Baldivis Step Parents: Ailsa Stewart (deceased) Siblings: Owen Dalby (deceased), Quinn Jackson & Duncan Stewart (all half) Step Siblings: Shauna Bradley Children: Martha Mac Kenzie Step Children: Lottie Ryan (former) Marital Status: Frank Morgan (1990-1991, divorced); Harvey Ryan (2012-2014, divorced); James Edmunds (2015, engaged)Occupation: Student; Macklin Corporation Employee; Event Co-Ordinator; Waitress; Lecturer The stereotypical teenager Roo was popular at school, doted on by her overprotective father Alf and certain that nobody could ever fill her dead mother’s shoes, especially not Ailsa, who she took an instant dislike to.Unbeknown to Alf, his little princess had been boy crazy since puberty and her romances with city boys holidaying at Summer Bay had made the local boys seem dull by comparison.Roo engineered for them to sleep together and then later for her father to catch them at it so that she had an alibi for when she came clean about her pregnancy.When Roo later teased a jealous Bobby, Bobby punched her in the stomach and Roo went to the Doctor to check everything was okay with her baby.She then broke into Ailsa’s store and found a card from Fisher, it seemed Ailsa and Fisher once dated.

Later Morag phoned from the city to reveal a nasty secret about Ailsa’s past, that she killed her father and Roo spitefully announced the secret at Alf and Ailsa’s engagement party.

He refused to have anything to do with her after that and a genuinely gutted Roo faced the prospect of life as a single mother.

Alf was also furious at her deceit and threw her out so she moved in with Morag but then found out that Morag was involved in a plan to hand her baby over to the Macklins.

Roo also had a small role in Alf and Ailsa’s break up, with Ailsa claiming Roo had hidden her letter and the subsequent argument between Alf and Ailsa leading to the “”knife between the shoulders”” comment.

Roo was then contacted by Gordon Macklin, Brett’s father, a wealthy property developer.

Alf took Ailsa’s side and Frank too argued with Roo about her actions.