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We sell and ship internationally and all buyers are welcome.

These artifacts were made from a host of native materials such as Flint, Hard Stone, Chert, Slate, Shell, Bone, and Canal Coal to name a few.

All Artifacts sold are believed to be authentic to the best of our knowledge and experience to date.

NOTE: Like all authenticators we have had people to replicate our coa's with different pictures and information in trying to sell a reproduction piece.

This section is for artifact and arrowhead collections that are for sale and owned by one owner and can be purchased as a whole collection or by the piece.

This section contains all the information about our authentication fees, guarantees, return policies, your rights as a customer and the rights of the owners of the artifacts and arrowheads that are listed on this site for sale.

We are simply the middleman between the buyer and seller.

We guarantee customer satisfaction with a 14 day money back return policy.

I also look for evidence of modern tool use, fake mineral deposits that have been artificially applied, and the napping techniques known to have been used by that particular culture or time period.

It has taken years of research, and continued studies to have and maintain my skills.

As an additional service we offer verification of every certificate issued by referring to our archive.

If you are in doubt call us with the certificate number and date and we can verify the certificate's authenticity. FOR SALE: THIS BANNERSTONE WAS FOUND IN CRAWFORD COUNTY OHIO AND IS MADE FROM BANDED SLATE. IT COMES WITH JACKSON, BANNERSTONE TOM, AND J AND DEE COA'S.

Aside from continuously upgrading my skills I avoid the "authenticator politics" where the competitors in this field are always looking for ways of criticizing one anothers evaluations, forming themselves into loose groups/cartels, or working unscrupulous auction houses.

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