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““““““““““““““““““` The catastrophe that began at Fukushima four years ago today is worse than ever.But the good news can ultimately transcend the bad—if we make it so.

Reactors under construction at Olkiluoto, Finland, and Flamanville, France, are also massively over budget and teetering on the brink of collapse. More than forty reactors remain shut in Japan in the wake of the 2011 multiple meltdowns and explosions at Fukushima. In Georgia, America’s two remaining nukes under construction at the Vogtle site are on the precipice.

Meanwhile, Germany is amping up its renewable energy generation with a goal of 80 percent or more by 2050.

France—once nuke power’s poster child—has turned away from new reactor construction and is moving strongly toward renewables.

Santee Cooper had been forced to raise rates five times to pay for construction at Summer. The two Summer reactors were slated to come on line in 20.

The plants were to be Westinghouse AP 1000 designs, an upgraded version of the traditional light water reactor, of which some 430 are now licensed worldwide.

Diablo Canyon was retrofitted—probably illegally—with 2 million in replacement parts untested for seismic impact.

Already under fire for illegal license manipulations and an avoidable gas explosion that killed eight in San Bruno in 2010, Pacific Gas & Electric has plunged into a legal, economic and political abyss that could soon doom California’s last reactors.An angry grassroots movement has kept shut all 54 reactors that once operated in Japan. Big industrial windmills installed off the Fukushima coast are now thriving.Ohio’s Davis-Besse, New York’s Ginna, five reactors in Illinois and other decrepit American nukes could shut soon without huge ratepayer bailouts.In 'about' area you can provide information about yourself.We care for your privacy thus your email will not be revealed to other members. Register your profile instantly Upload photographs Upload Videos.With massive hot water and steam emissions, plus carbon emissions in plant construction, waste management and the production of nuclear fuel, atomic reactors are a significant factor in unbalancing planetary weather patterns.

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