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This might get frustrating at times, as no one wants to feel like they’re playing second fiddle to a bunch of vegetable crops and cattle, but that’s reality.Not being her first priority definitely doesn’t mean you’re not important to her. How many people do you know that happily get up before sunrise to tend to their responsibilities?

Even if she’s a grown woman, you better have her home when you say you will. Expensive clothes and jewelry aren’t really her style.

Realistic expectations make everything a little easier to handle. Being busy doesn't mean you have to neglect each other.

Embrace the idea that sometimes catching a sunset in the back of a pickup is pretty darn romantic. You can't always plan ahead so a cute outfit may not be an option. Whether you are planting, harvesting or taking care of livestock, the farm always comes first. Sometimes your date might include milking cows or hanging out together in the tractor.

Having a date in jeans and boots isn't the worst thing in the world! When you are in a relationship or married as a farmer, it can be tough to find time to see your significant other or spouse. Sometimes your time together will take a back seat to the farm. It may not be the most romantic place to share a meal, but if you want to make time for each other, sometimes that means a peanut butter and jelly sandwich picnic in the truck. If you tag team the work, it may give you more time together.

The smell of dirt and diesel will eventually become attractive! If Mother Nature gives you a little rain and it postpones work in the field, take advantage of that time.

Cheating on the farmer’s daughter could be the worst (and last) decision of your life.

No one wants “trampled by livestock” on their death certificate.Be patient and understanding — she’s definitely worth the wait.That farm is her life and livelihood so you’ll just have to accept that it will always be a priority for her.Here’s a list of a few facts about the average farm girl that you should be aware of: If you were looking for a girl to sweep her off her feet with showy gifts, chances are strong you’re barking up the wrong tree.The farmer’s daughter knows how to take care of herself and isn’t going to wait around for you to show her a good time: She’ll buy her own things and be happy while doing it.She’s also not the kind of girl to blow up your phone with texts and calls. If your ideal girlfriend is constantly at your side and vying for your attention, you’d better looking. Date night may get interrupted by a farm emergency but the calm and collected farmer’s daughter will know exactly how to handle broken down equipment at seven p.m., especially since she’ll know that her equipment dealer has 24-hour field service for breakdowns like this.