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He'll talk in limitless detail about how he's grown, but only in the vaguest terms about what he's been through, and who he's been through it with. See this comparison chart I've made you below:1998: "I lost myself, and a lot of characters I played I have latched onto some of their identities, just because I was so lacking in anything of my own.I was so out of touch with what was going on within me." and it's sort of a tribute to you.' I just went on and on.

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I was embarrassed so I just kept going on about how we were going to play tennis together.He reportedly dated aaaall of his co-stars: Patricia Arquette, Samantha Mathis, Winona Ryder. In the Christian Slater interview of my dreams, he and I are on day three of an interstate crime spree by now.But this Christian Slater—this one showed up early for our first interview at the dog park near his house on the Upper West Side with his cute dog, whose action he would occasionally narrate in adorable doggie talk. He followed me on Twitter, all by himself, since he does his own social media.He was cooperative and eager and nice."It's more a testament to just being honest with yourself about where you're at," he says."It's like, we've tried it as many times as it takes your way, and eventually, hopefully, if you're lucky and fortunate enough, you get to the point where it's like, okay, my way—it's not helping me, it's not helping anybody around me, it's not really creating any happiness for anybody else in anybody's world.His timeline is a list of gracious and generous retweets of press that for our interview!

And there I was, shaking my head all over again, because Christian Slater is not supposed to be early and prepared.

It's a beautiful spring day, and the Wonder Wheel was such a trip—"There's fsociety," he'd said, pointing at an arcade, as we dangled over Coney Island beach—and it filled him with good memories of his first day shooting At Coney Island, the only thing more iconic than the Wonder Wheel is the Cyclone—the great old wooden rollercoaster—but when I suggest it, Christian Slater smiles even bigger, then shakes his head and says no. For the next few years, each of his subsequent roles, from the confounding (), tries to bank on this same angsty, unnerving charm. Another time, while he was getting arrested for assault, he got extra arrested for going for the arresting officer's gun.

Then this little high school satire called comes out, starring Winona Ryder, patron princess of disaffected late 1980s teenagers, and the guy who plays her boyfriend, a sociopathic clique-killer in a trench coat and sunglasses and drinking a Slushie, is dark and funny and radiates microwaves of danger-sex. He once doubled down on an IRL arrest by refusing to pull over during a police chase.

So am I going to be humble enough to admit defeat and try a different way?

"In a way, he's forthright now about his dark years—he doesn't pretend they didn't happen, and he blames no one but himself—but they are also a locked door.

He confirms his father was suing him, but won't go any further.

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