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Airtel And Idea has Already Started Sending Message To Link Your Aadhaar Card With Mobile Number & Most Operators Will follow Same In Near Future Including BSNL, voda , Telenor Etc.

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He came to my house for New Years and got mad at me because I hit him upside the head.

”From the way you tell it, it sounds to me like you’ve got an aggressive personality.

I’m not saying that in a bad way – you sound like a fun girl.

We connected over the summer and saw each other a few times.

He would hug me, sometimes ask for a kiss on the cheek and was nice all the time.

Each and every time I shut him down and tell him I’m done with his ass, he makes it so that I’m not mad at him anymore…why?

If he doesn’t like me, why respond or ask me out on a date period?

Moreover, proceed with caution in terms of the “aggressiveness” – if he’s into you being aggressive, it will be obvious.

But if you act aggressive and he gets upset, angry, withdrawn, etc., then you need to rethink how you approach him (or if he even is the right match for you.) As for “guilting” him into calling you and apologizing, I would strongly recommend that you don’t do that since no guy wants to be around a girl who makes him feel bad.

But at the root of it, it’s not that he has anything to apologize for; the root cause is your own neediness and desire for him to like you back, now that you are ready to like him. With that said, I don’t think this is something that can’t be easily repaired and improved.

I think you should find some other things and/or people to occupy your time.

One year later back in the States (we live in the same city) I was unknowingly talking to him over the phone just messing around (his cousin was dating my friend and his cousin gave the phone to him).

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